First Class Web Development Software

Specializing in first class web development software, Xara have been a roaring success for the British technology sector. Their pioneering software, xara web designer, has been well received in the amateur web design community.

It’s easy to use and intuitive tools are designed to make it easy for anyone, even complete beginners, to be able to create a professional looking website. The program operates on a WYSIWIG (what you see is what you get) platform meaning there is no coding required. Users can drag and drop objects or use the drawing tools to create shapes and effects.

The software also comes with quite a few built in templates. Xara web designer templates make it even simpler to get started. Simply choose a template or theme, then change the preset text and photos to suit your niche and you are pretty much done.

There are a host of widgets built into the software making the creation of contact forms, image galleries, image sliders and varying animated effects child’s play.

Upon using this software we were struck at the depths Xara have gone to make sure that the user has everything they will need at the touch of a button. Navigation bars are easily generated and various designs can be quickly dropped onto them to match yours sites look.

The software also comes with free web space so you can host your new creations at the click of a button. Your site will be automatically uploaded to your own personal web space and you can start sharing it with your friends and family minutes after you finish your design.

The only reservations we had about the software was that exported web files are not compatible with other web design software meaning once you have made a site in Xara you are stuck with it unless you choose to start again with another piece of software. Having said that there would be little reason to go to another vendor. The continually evolving Xara designer has everything you will need and more.

The price is surprising as well. While it’s competitors are charging hundreds of dollars, the premium version here can be had for less than $100. Considering the amount of power you get here and the thrown in web space recommending this software is a no brainer.

There is a growing online community using Xara and we can see why. The company are bringing what was once a specialist industry into the hands of the beginner.