How Are Cows Slaughtered

How Are Cows Slaughtered

No doubt that beef industry is always thriving and that translates to the slaughterhouse sessions that most cows in the farms will have to undergo. There are different ways that the cows will be slaughtered in the US with some methods seeks to make the mode of slaughtering more humane. Below the slaughtering methods and they include:


The stunning method involves the use of a pneumatic device called stunner. The device injects a metal bolt into the cow’s brain. One bolt injection is enough to render the cow to an unconscious state where the animal is then slaughtered. This is a method that is considered to be humane in nature since the cow is believed to have undergone less or no pain at all. There is also the non-penetrating bolt that will equally render the cow to unconsciousness.

The stunning method is carried out using electrocution means whereby the cow is subjected to an electrical current in the heart or the brain, and the animal immediately becomes unconscious. The cow is the slaughtered without any struggle. The electrocution even preferred as the most humane as the method also takes the shortest time possible and is considered to happen with less struggle.


The exsanguination is the process of draining blood out of the cow by slitting the throat or beheading the animal. There also those who carries this method by passing a blade through the cow’s heart. Exsanguination method is however considered to be one of the least inhumane ways to slaughter a cow. There are various reasons why this method is carried such as the only means known to some people; the other reason can also be because of the need to consume or use the blood for some other sort of cooking.


Gasses such as the carbon dioxide are used to force the cow into unconsciousness. The process begins with the cow been taken to an enclosed room and the carbon dioxide, or other harmful gas is released for the animal to inhale and become unconscious. This method is considered the most convenient as many animals can be put together in one room that will be filled with the harmful gas and therefore saving a lot of time. The time that is taken for the animal to fall unconscious in the gassing method also depends on the gas concentration.


There are those people who use weapons to instantly kill the cow and be ready for the slaughter. The gun is loaded with a live bullet which is then shot at the cow’s head or heart and instantly kills the animal. There are reasons why the bullet might be used which include the perception by the gun holders as the quickest and less tiresome method of slaughtering. It is also considered by those slaughtering the cow as humane because the cow dies instantly.

The above list represents the number of methods used to slaughter the cow and some methods depend on the level of modernization of the slaughtering facilities as well.